How to Become a Digital Marketer

Friday, 29 March 2024


Curious about how to become a digital marketer and make your mark in this thriving industry? Look no further! As a savvy digital marketing agency, we’re here to provide invaluable insights and expert tips to guide you on your journey to success.  

In this blog, we'll be interviewing two of our digital marketers, Órla and Lorna, who will share their firsthand experiences and advice to help you pave your path in the digital marketing world. Whether you're a recent graduate or considering a career transition, our guide provides essential strategies and firsthand knowledge on how to become a digital marketer.

How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing 

Securing a job in digital marketing requires a combination of education, experience, and networking. Here are some steps to help you land your dream job:

1. Education and Training

Gain relevant qualifications and consider online courses to enhance your skills. Check out to help you find the right course.

2. Gain Experience

Seek internships, freelance work, or volunteer projects to build your portfolio.

3. Networking

Connect with professionals in the field through industry events and social media platforms.

4. Showcase Your Skills

Develop a personal website or blog and optimise your LinkedIn profile.

5. Apply Strategically

Tailor your resume and cover letter for each application and research the company. 

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of landing a career in digital marketing!


How to Become a Marketer IN Digital Marketing 

Órla is a Digital Marketing Specialist and has been working with EverBold since 2021. She works across all areas of digital marketing but most of the time you'll catch her working on social media campaigns, creating video content for clients, or scrolling through TikTok for the next biggest trend... all in the name of marketing research of course!

Q: Can you tell us about your journey into digital marketing and how you got started in the field?

Órla: I guess my journey into digital marketing started in university. I studied International Commerce with Spanish in college and while exploring various modules, I found myself drawn to Marketing. By my final year, it was pretty clear that marketing was the area I'd like to work in. Having said that, I never would have expected it to be so difficult to find an entry-level marketing role coming out of college. I was surprised to see that almost all entry-level roles required 2+ years of experience! Determined to pursue my passion, I decided to take on a digital marketing internship with an NGO to gain practical experience and confirm my career path. Thankfully, this proved to be true and from there, my digital marketing journey began!

Q: What are the key skills and qualities you feel are essential for success in digital marketing?

Órla: I think success in digital marketing requires a blend of technical know-how and soft skills. Two qualities that I find particularly important are creativity and an understanding of human behaviour. Creativity is so necessary in digital marketing, whether it's coming up with unique campaigns or crafting compelling content that captivates audiences. With attention being a scarce commodity these days, creativity is crucial for drawing people in and keeping them engaged.

Equally as important is grasping human behaviour. Digital marketing goes beyond numbers and data; it's about connecting with real people on a personal level. I enjoy digging into what drives people to click, share and convert. Understanding human behaviour helps us to customise strategies that truly connect with our audience, making it a vital skill in this field.

Q: How do you stay updated with the latest trends and changes in digital marketing?

Órla: Oh, staying ahead in digital marketing means embracing constant change. Spending time on platforms like TikTok gives me a wealth of insights. I also make sure to follow industry leaders on various platforms and listen to marketing podcasts for updates. It can be hard to set aside time in the week for research, so marketing podcasts are great for some "on-the-go" industry updates.

Q: Can you share a memorable campaign or project you worked on and the impact it had on the brand?

Órla: One memorable project was our venture into TikTok here at EverBold. Back then, TikTok was still new territory, but we thrive on challenges! I was particularly keen on this project because I spent a lot of time on the platform outside of work. Adapting our content style to fit TikTok's unique vibe required brainstorming and trial and error but let me tell you… the results were worth it! From concept to execution, we were hands-on every step of the way. The campaign took off, accumulating views, likes, and shares in record time. Since then, TikTok has become a cornerstone of our digital marketing strategy, with one of our ladies’ car insurance client's videos alone reaching 8 million views! It's kind of like our own success story in the big picture of how the platform became so popular.

Q: What advice would you give to someone aspiring to pursue a career in digital marketing?

Órla: You might stumble across those online experts who paint a rosy picture of diving into digital marketing, but let me tell you, it's not all smooth sailing. Starting out in marketing right after college can be tough, and even when you do, it's like riding a rollercoaster, with its highs and lows. But every setback is a chance to learn and grow, so my advice is, don't let the challenges hold you back from chasing your marketing dreams.

I'd also suggest, don't shy away from wearing different hats. Being versatile is key in this field! One day, you might be crafting engaging content for a social media campaign, and the next, deep diving into data analytics to understand your audience better. So, embrace the variety of tasks and skills needed – you'll be amazed at how much you can learn and grow along your journey of how to become a digital marketer!


How to Become a Digital Marketer IN Content Marketing

Introducing Lorna, our Content Marketing Executive at EverBold. Since 2022, she's been a vital part of our team, working closely with both our internal team and clients. Lorna's passion lies in crafting compelling content and eye-catching designs. But her path into the world of digital marketing? Well, it's a story worth hearing. Let's dive in.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in Content Marketing, and how did you begin your journey in this field?

Lorna: Would you believe me if I told you I had no idea I was even interested in Marketing until I was already working in the industry? It’s true! I initially studied Hospitality and Tourism Management and thought I would find my calling working with people. After college, I joined a grad programme for hotel management, and it was there I discovered my flair for Marketing.

After working my way through a couple of Sales & Marketing roles in the hotel sector, I realised I was most interested in the creative side of marketing. Much more interesting for me than the data and analysis part! I suppose thinking back, it might have been a big indication that my favourite subjects in school were always English and Art! There are more ways than one if you want to know how land a job in digital marketing.

Q: What do you consider the most important elements of a successful content marketing strategy?

Lorna: For a successful content strategy, there are a few crucial things to consider:

First, giving yourself enough time to get the creative juices flowing and design high-quality content is essential. Rushing through your work can compromise the effectiveness and impact of your materials. Not to mention, you’d be more likely to make mistakes and typos.

Then, there’s the organisation of it all. You’ll need to stay on top of things and the only way to do that is by scheduling. If I didn’t do this, things could get messy fairly quickly – especially in an agency when you’re looking after so many different brands. Creating a structured content calendar and planning it out in advance helps you to stay consistent and avoids any panic.

Evergreen content is your best friend! Content that remains relevant and valuable over time makes it an invaluable asset for your strategy. For instance, when working with a home insurance client, we create engaging, SEO-driven blogs every month. We then repurpose this content into various forms, such as informative social media posts or engaging videos, to maximise its reach and impact across different platforms.

In the end, it's all about being creative, planning, and adapting to what your audience wants. That's how you make content that really hits the mark.

Q: How do you approach content creation and ensure it resonates with the target audience?

Lorna: When it comes to making content that really speaks to your audience, it's all about staying in the loop with what's trending and where your people are – which platform. Then you can use those trends to create great content. Whether it's keeping up with the latest car insurance memes or doomscrolling TikTok videos, it's all research, am I right? That’s the excuse I give my friends and family when they ask why I'm always glued to my phone, anyway! But seriously, being where your audience is and understanding what they love helps us craft content that hits the right notes and resonates.

Q: Can you share a particularly challenging content marketing project you worked on and how you overcame obstacles?

Lorna: Ah, the joys of diving into a new project! While there isn't one specific challenge that jumps out at me, I'd say onboarding a new client always brings its fair share of hurdles. We’ve recently onboarded an Opticians client. You're not just learning the ins and outs of the brand, but also trying to align with their business goals and tone of voice. This can be true for any marketer, not only those of us in an agency. Whether it's getting to grips with a brand refresh or navigating through a new job, it's all about finding that balance and bringing everything together in a way that clicks.

Q: In your opinion, what emerging trends do you see shaping the future of content marketing, and how do you adapt to them?

Lorna: When it comes to the future of content marketing, I'm all about embracing the shift towards more authentic, real-life content. Short-form videos and quirky CapCut memes are definitely having a moment. They’re a great way to connect with audiences on a more personal level. And yes, AI has its perks for efficiency, but there's no denying the value of putting that human touch back into our content. Surely, nobody wants to feel like they're chatting with a robot, am I right? So, while I’m all for taking advantage of technology, it's equally important to keep things real and relatable, because that's what truly resonates with people.

So, there you have it folks! Navigating the path of how to become a digital marketer may seem daunting. But, with the right guidance and perseverance, it's entirely achievable. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity to grow, and the journey itself is a priceless gift, offering invaluable lessons and experiences along the way.

And remember, EverBold is always here to assist you whenever you need a helping hand. Explore our website and social media channels for a wealth of articles brimming with tips, tricks, and insights on digital marketing!