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increase in roi q4 2020

increase in website traffic in q4 in 2020

increase in people reached in brand awareness

Their story

The Reelists are a Dublin based Video Production company who have worked with the likes of Amazon, Disney+, Facebook, PayPal and more to create unique and engaging videos for television, YouTube, social media and more. The Reelists approached the team at Everbold to help grow their social presence online and generate leads from businesses looking for video production services.

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Strategy Development

With the understanding that Google Ads and SEO would be the focus of our digital marketing strategy for The Reelists, we were able to begin the full development of our strategy which would assist us in driving B2B conversions to their website.

Google Ads

While The Reelists had previously been running Google Ads, they had noted that leads generated from the website were largely inconsistent on a week to week basis. We performed an analysis of the current ads and determined that a number of opportunities for success were missing. We began by creating all new campaign sets and ad groups which were using high value keywords which were designed to drive users to the website. We created new text and display copy for all campaigns as well as changed their structure overall to allow us to reduce the overall cost per click while increasing the amount of valuable conversions through the site. Almost immediately after launch we began to see results and could further identify ongoing improvements in the ad account.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation had not been a key focus of The Reelists’ online strategy previously, and we at Everbold decided to do something about that. With a number of video production companies located in Ireland serving a similar product, we wanted to ensure that The Reelists would stand out amongst their competitors.

We began with a full audit of the website which included an analysis of all website content which included the text, webpages, user flow of the website and lead generation process. In addition we performed a technical analysis of the website to test all backend measures of the site to discover new opportunities to improve the site for crawling. With this information we were able to set out a series of recommendations which were designed to increase the speed of the website as well as improve the lead generation process and user flow.

Everbold provided these recommendations to The Reelists team and worked to implement all changes.


An important part of Everbold’s digital marketing activity with The Reelists was the continuous monitoring of the paid campaigns and the SEO performance of the website. Everbold monitored the Google AdWords campaigns closely in the first few months of engagement, to ensure that leads were coming through the campaigns at an increased and consistent rate. We adjusted the keywords in the individual ad groups to get maximum, relevant traffic through the ads to the website. We also monitored the negative keywords in-account and the performance of the text ads. The Search Engine Optimisation performance was monitored to ensure the organic keyword ranking was satisfactory and that the off-page technical factors were working optimally. Site speed was also monitored closely so that the user experience on desktop and mobile were excellent.

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Ongoing Relationship

Through our digital marketing work with The Reelists, we have achieved an 102% increase in ROI and an 80% increase website traffic for them which has resulted in a strong, ongoing relationship.

Everbold are proud to have a long-lasting ongoing client relationship with The Reelists and we look forward to continuing our digital work with them and watching their business grow and expand into other markets!

Everbold continues to work The Reelists to build the business, and to provide digital marketing services for their expansion into the UK.

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