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Their story

Shape My Plan is an Irish based health and wellness company who provide a digital meal planning service for those who are looking to lose, maintain or adjust their weight. A user inputs their desired health goals and Shape My Plan provides a full-scale meal plan on a weekly basis designed to help users achieve their goals.

After having focused mostly on the B2B sector, selling their programs to gyms and fitness facilities, and growing a solid following on both Facebook and Instagram, Shape My Plan were ready to take the next step in their business and focus on the B2C sector, selling their product directly to the consumer.

Shape My Plan engaged Everbold’s digital marketing services to assist them in launching their business to customer (B2C) business venture.

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Market and audience research

With a product like Shape My Plan’s, it was imperative to test the market to determine how people would perceive the product. As Shape My Plan is a meal planning solution as opposed to a meal preparer, they were entering a B2C market with a new concept which had previously been flooded by companies such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World.

Everbold spoke with several women and men who fit into Shape My Plan’s perceived demographic. We focused specifically on those who were either planning on getting into shape, or who were already actively working to get into shape. This allowed us to discuss how they felt about making meals and nutrition as a whole and the struggles they had with losing, maintaining, and gaining weight. We also focused on asking them how they interacted online and what their most used channels were.

Through this research we were able to determine our market audience and the platforms on which to focus. This allowed us to see that our main audience was women between the ages of 20-54 who had a focus on fitness or losing weight and who were most active on Instagram and Facebook. With this information we were able to develop a digital marketing strategy that was tailored directly to them focused mainly on a social media strategy.

Social media strategy development

With a clear understand of our audience, Everbold was able to determine a marketing strategy that was focused around social media advertising through both Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising. We took to these platforms analysing our targeted audience’s interactions online as well as Shape My Plan’s current following audience. We determined a set of KPIs that were designed to grow and scale the business through social media advertising while maintaining an initial conservative budget to maximize revenue. KPIs were presented to and agreed upon by the team at Shape My Plan.

Content Development

Everbold focused on creating engaging creative and copy that would speak to the Shape My Plan audience. With Shape My Plan’s previous B2B success, Everbold had access to a wealth of testimonials and information that was ideal for our target audience. Initial copy was designed around these testimonials and showcased how Shape My Plan had helped to transform the lives of the users. We know that you only have a couple of seconds to capture the attention of your audience. Therefore, we matched these testimonials with bright and engaging imagery that was guaranteed to stop our target audience in their tracks.

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Campaign Launch

Armed with our engaging creative and an understanding of our audience, Everbold launched the Shape My Plan marketing campaign focused on driving traffic to the website and generating sales. With no previous advertising data, it was important for us to build a reservoir of information to continually feed our audience. Through the first days both the Facebook ad campaigns and Instagram ad campaigns were closely monitored and Everbold was able to make small tweaks to the campaigns to generate more user flow. This quickly transitioned into customer sales and increased engagement on their respective social media pages, elevating the Shape My Plan brand and exposing it to a larger audience.

Monitoring and reporting

One of the most important facets of any digital marketing campaign is the monitoring process, and when it comes to launching into a new territory Shape My Plan was no different. Every day Everbold would monitor the performance of the campaigns measuring the number of visitors to the website, sales, and the performance of specific pieces of copy. This allowed us to keep our finger on the pulse of our audience. Shape My Plan received a weekly report from Everbold which outlined the status of the Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns and our KPI targets. This report also included full details of all actions that were taken in each week, as well as a fully detailed outline of the following weeks actions. This allowed Shape My Plan to be confident in the work and that their campaigns were being effectively executed.

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After beginning our work with Shape My Plan, we were delighted to see substantial results early on. Our creation of ad content firstly increased Shape My Plan’s presence in the online sphere. Not only were our social media ads designed to directly impact sales in a positive manner, but they were designed to be instantly recognisable and synonymous with the brand. In Q4 of 2020 Shape My Plan saw a 177% increase in overall brand awareness through social media.

After many in-depth meetings and strategizing sessions with the founders of Shape My Plan in the first month of their contract, we decided on the methods needed to see a significant increase in purchases.

After launching our ad content, we were thrilled during the monitoring process to see Shape My Plan’s sales continually increasing.

Everbold oversaw the success of social media content daily and we continually made adjustments with the aim of capitalising on Shape My Plan’s initial success. These adjustments thrived in the social sphere. In Q4 of 2020 Shape My Plan saw a 102% increase in ROI on the previous year.

While increasing revenue was at the forefront of Everbold’s goals for this brand we also wanted to funnel traffic to the website. Everbold was focused on increasing web traffic to enable sales. We believed from extensive experience that even if potential customers did not buy immediately after visiting the website, they were more likely to buy later if they had visited the website previously. In Q4 of 2020 we saw an 80% increase in Shape My Plan’s website traffic.

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