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ROCTEL, an Irish based telecommunications company began their engagement with us stemming from a rebranding of the ROCTEL corporation in the latter half of 2020. After an extensive period where they lacked a social presence and understanding of growing an audience, ROCTEL was prepared to invest in an organic content strategy that was designed to provide them with brand recognition and grow their organic audience to reach new potential customers in the B2B sector. That is where we came in.

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Redevelopment of Social Presence

We began by assessing the current social platforms of ROCTEL which included LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to assess the current needs of the business.

It was important when considering our engagement with ROCTEL to recognise that the brand was going through a rebirth and hence any content that was no longer relevant (logos, images, etc.) needed to be removed from all social media sites. We performed a crawl of all social platforms and removed traces of the old ROCTEL brand allowing for a complete reintroduction into the market.

During our initial analyses of the organic social media presence of ROCTEL, it was noted that social media had not previously been an integral part of their growth and online strategy. While some social accounts were in place, active use and engagement with their users on social platforms did not appear to be central to their strategic operations. This was potentially problematic for the brand considering they were about to launch a new image in the B2B market. An opportunity for growth in the social space was prominent.

We began by creating the individual business pages for Facebook and Instagram which included the creation of all on-page descriptions and content as well as gaining approval from Facebook for the business. Following this, an Instagram account which was registered and linked through the Facebook Business Manager to create a cohesive brand across all Facebook branded platforms.

Once the pages for Instagram and Facebook were set up and registered, we integrated these pages through the Facebook Business Manager to allow data to be collected on followers and engagements for all organic posts.

We then worked to create a new LinkedIn page for the business. The challenge found within this process was that the page previously held by ROCTEL was set up as an individual person, therefore Everbold would have to grow their followers from zero, essentially starting from the very beginning on the LinkedIn platform.

Audience and post analysis

We considered the best practices for B2B customers and determined that a posting schedule which consisted of three posts a week, per platform (Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram) was the ideal way to provide engagement for users while not oversaturating any of their newsfeeds. It was important to showcase the new brand with captivating content that spoke to their audience. We wanted to initiate a strong online presence for the brand while simultaneously highlighting the fantastic products and services which ROCTEL had to offer.

Development of content

Once new pages were developed and implemented, we began to build an organic content strategy which was centred around introducing the “New ROCTEL” to their audience.

Through our conversations with ROCTEL it was imperative that all organic posts be expressive of the services being provided while setting a “sky is the limit” bar on the development of engaging and engrossing content which would help to drive more business to the ROCTEL site and simultaneously provide explanatory information to their followers.

Everbold developed a content calendar which was designed to showcase the post frequency while also highlighting the compelling content which would be designed, scheduled, and posted by Everbold. This allowed the client to pre-approve all content well in advance of development and publishing.

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Introducing the new ROCTEL brand


Introducing product and services offerings


Informative information on the commitment to sustainability

Using three key pillars

These three themes spoke highly to the rebranding of the company and allowed us to create captivating image posts and infographics which were suitable for use across all platforms. Platform specific content was something which Everbold stressed to ROCTEL. We wanted to ensure that content was coherent and worked well on the platform for which it was being created.

Dissemination and scheduling

The scheduling and dissemination of ROCTEL content was achieved using a social scheduling platform which allowed us to pre-schedule all posts to ensure that they were posted at optimal times throughout the week. This allowed us to be confident that we would get the most views possible for a post on a specific platform at a specific time during the day. By utilising a pre-scheduling strategy this allowed us to grow our audience through our organic posts without having to resort to paid channels to grow engagement and followers.



Once posts were completed and disseminated, a member of our team would monitor their overall progress focusing on the number of engagements from each post and platform. This allowed us to adjust our strategy as necessary to put focus on a specific theme or platform as needed. We ensured that if certain styles of content worked well, this was continued on an ongoing basis. Similarly, if we felt that a certain post did not receive maximum traction it was retired, and new content was developed in its place.

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The results achieved by Everbold for ROCTEL through organic posting were exciting from the outset. After our first week of posting for ROCTEL, engagement percentages skyrocketed. Not only did this provide the company with confidence for the rebrand moving forward but it also provided us with an insight into the type of content that was resonating. As we continued with our strategy throughout the months working with ROCTEL, we had flexibility to adjust the content if required or requested. This was aptly showcased when they launched a new sustainability strategy in their Dublin office.

Everbold not only focused on achieving followers through social posting but we also had meetings with the ROCTEL team regarding “follow invites”. It was decided that Everbold should manage this process. Actions taken by Everbold in this space resulted in a 566% follower increase on ROCTEL’s LinkedIn page. This result was incredibly exciting for ROCTEL as it allowed a whole host of new potential customers to engage with the brand and experience their ‘rebirth’.

The results achieved by Everbold were broken down by platform. We identified all the average engagement rates for the telecommunications industry. We then agreed internally that we wanted to overachieve on these averages. The average engagement rate on LinkedIn for a business of ROCTEL’s kind was 1.09%. Posts created by Everbold for ROCTEL on the LinkedIn platform saw engagement rates of up to 16%.

Similarly, for exemplary purposes the average reach rate on Facebook for a business in a similar industry to ROCTEL is 1%. ROCTEL saw reaches of up to 2% and beyond.

Our work to date with ROCTEL has put them on the social map. It is important for this new and engaging brand to gain traction in the social space in order to widen recognition and subsequently funnel potential customers to their business. We believe that the work carried out by Everbold is achieving these results.

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