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Everbold began by meeting with MissQuote stakeholders to assess the overall objectives of the organisation. MissQuote is a car insurance broker aiming to target a specific demographic aligning to their ideal customer. It was decided that the most effective methods for reaching this demographic was to create the type of content on social media that this demographic would engage with. The types of posts that were created included; social media competitions, funny ‘shareable’ posts, calls to action, gif’s, images and stories.

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The Goal

To increase the online presence of MissQuote as a specialist car insurance provider in Ireland, to drive traffic to their website and increase engagement on their social media channels to facilitate the generation of leads thus increasing exposure of the business and generating more sales.


The Solution

Audience and Post analysis: Everbold considered the best practices for B2C customers and determined that a posting schedule that consisted of three posts a week, per platform was the ideal way to provide engagement for users while not oversaturating any of their newsfeeds on any given platform. It was important to showcase the brand with captivating content that spoke to their audience. Everbold wanted to initiate a strong online presence for the brand while simultaneously highlighting the fantastic products and services which MissQuote had to offer.

Creation of a content calendar: Everbold developed a content calendar that was designed to showcase post frequency while also highlighting the compelling content which would be designed, scheduled, and posted by Everbold.

Development of content: Once new pages were developed and implemented, Everbold began to build an organic and paid content strategy that was centred around introducing the MissQuote brand and gaining a following. Through Everbold’s conversations with MissQuote, it was imperative that all organic and paid posts be expressive of the services being provided while creating engaging and engrossing content which would help to drive more business to the MissQuote site and simultaneously provide explanatory information to their followers.

Dissemination and scheduling: The scheduling and dissemination of MissQuote content was achieved using a social scheduling platform which allowed us to pre-schedule all posts to ensure that they were posted at optimal times throughout the week. This allowed us to be confident that we would get the most views possible for a post on a specific platform at a specific time during the day. Utilising a pre-scheduling strategy allowed us to grow our audience through our organic and paid posts.

Monitoring: Once posts were completed and disseminated, a member of the Everbold team would monitor their overall progress focusing on how many engagements would come from each post and platform. This allowed us to adjust our strategy as necessary to put focus on a specific theme or platform as needed. We ensured that when certain styles of content worked well, this was continued on an ongoing basis. Similarly, if we felt that a certain post did not receive maximum traction it was retired, and new content was developed in its place. Paid campaigns were constantly monitored which requires additional work to ensure that the money is being spent effectively.

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Ongoing Relationship

The results achieved by Everbold for MissQuote through organic and paid posting were exciting from the outset. After our first week of posting for MissQuote, engagement percentages skyrocketed.

As we continued with our strategy throughout the months working with MissQuote, we had flexibility to adjust the content when required or requested.

Not only did this provide us with confidence for moving forward but it also provided us with an insight into the type of content that was resonating.

This was aptly showcased when the target demographic changed, and a new content strategy was required.

Over the time working with MissQuote, we have seen growth in reach, growth in impressions, continuous growth in engagement rates and growth in mentions.

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